Several Mattress Myths Exposed

By | June 25, 2021

Getting a new mattress is analogous to purchasing automobile insurance. Comparing brand-to-brand characteristics and pricing is challenging due to the abundance of variables. There are numerous variants on your mattress, whether bio or silicone, euro-top, pillow-top or premium plush. And, given that it is not usually acquired to get a new bed, the learning curve would frequently be difficult. Contribute to the clutter of facts in the mattress business by explaining what matters to you – a great night’s sleep – and assisting you in making an informed purchase. Before visiting a mattress store, arm yourself with common sense and educate yourself on the difference between myth and truth. And if you’re curious about the mattress that’s ideal for your age and life stage. For further information, please visit

Myth # 1 – Mattresses Should Be Replaced Every Eight Years:

The reality is that the presence of a mattress brand is quite variable, depending on how it is treated and how much sleep is obtained on it. Consider your mattress to be sleeping clothing. Just like a good pair of running shoes may help you run faster, a comfy mattress can help you sleep better and longer. When the time comes to get a new mattress, you’ll be aware of how you feel upon awakening.

Myth # 2: A Proper Mattress Prevents rotating and Spinning

At the age of four months, babies start rolling, and by an adult, we move every night up to 75 times — whether this is a slight movement or a complete roll. During the night, we move to reduce tension and stress on joints. A decent mattress can reduce tension all night long, helping you to sleep deeper.

Myth # 3: Your New Mattress Should Fit Perfectly from the First Sleep:

Most people take at least a month to acclimate their bodies to sleeping outside. Given the amount of time we spend in bed throughout 24 hours, it’s unsurprising that our tissues and cells remember the optimal position on the mattress. Does this mean you must purchase from a mattress vendor that offers a comfort guarantee? Not through coercion. If you’ve done your homework, looked around, and taken the time to test out a variety of mattresses, your mattress purchase may be a natural progression.

Myth # 4 – Purchase the Longest Mattress Warranty Available: Mattress warranties do not extend to the expected life of the purchase. The warranty covers manufacture and components, and as is the case with any widespread items, you will notice wear and tear before the guarantee expires. When acquiring a new mattress, carefully read the guarantee, even if the warranty terms and conditions vary somewhat from the seller to manufacturer. It’s worth mentioning that travel expenses to and from the facility are typically not reimbursed for repair or replacement. Typically, once the mattress has been removed, no new warranty is provided.